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Birdies, breaks and running shoes

It’s been an interesting week to say the least. Job action, strike, picket line, no picket line, walkout, three days, one day, bargaining, not happening, report cards, class sizes, special needs, wages, legislation… All these words have been whizzing around …



MaraFun Day

We did it.  After three long months of running everyday, we finally finished the last 2km of the marathon distance. Following the singing of our national anthem, we had a great warmup led by our grade seven friends, to ensure …

The event

Game 7 isn’t the only big news around town. After 3 months of running every day, we will finally run the last 2 km of the marathon distance on Thursday.  One more training run to go and it will be …

Scenes from Sports Day

Pictures courtesy of my iPhone.  And a very special thanks to the sun for making an appearance. The whole day was pretty grand.

To the point

George Seurat may be known for the pointillist technique of painting, but with the help of some tempura paint and cotton swabs, we tried our hand at connecting the dots, too. Lovely.