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Life’s a beach

Get married.  Check. Wow.  How on EARTH does one go back to work in the classroom after such an amazing week? You don’t.  You go to the beach. A remarkable field trip to mark the end of a remarkable year. …



Report cards are done

Whew.  What a relief. (image)

Monday Morning

- I’m laughing at clouds, so dark up above – It rains a lot here in Vancouver. Like A LOT.  We don’t exactly walk around hanging from streetlights, singing in it. – My class however, will be dancing to it. …

To the point

George Seurat may be known for the pointillist technique of painting, but with the help of some tempura paint and cotton swabs, we tried our hand at connecting the dots, too. Lovely.

Earth Week

If you read just one book this Earth Day, let it be this one. The Lorax set the perfect tone for our school’s Earth Week activities (Lights Out Day, Community Clean Up, Litterless Lunch Day, and Walk to School Day). …