Pattycakes for Recess?

So I’m not sure what this big ol’ belly means for this wee little blog of mine.

For the last three years, Pancakes for Recess has been my journal, my filing cabinet, my scrapbook, my show & tell, my treasure chest of trinkets, and my coziest storytelling chair.  It has given me so much pleasure because in every corner of my classroom there has been no shortage of inspiration; it’s by every pencil sharpener, under every desk and tucked away in the pages of every book.  And then there are the students.  Those adorable, big-hearted, keen, hilarious and amazing students.  I love grade one and I love school.

With a baby on the way (like, four days ago) and with me being away from the school scene, I’m now left wondering where my stories will come from.  No class means no student learning to share.  For now.

I gather baby will give me lots to write about so do I just start a new blog? True, “mommy blogs” are a dime a dozen but surely everyone will want to see our child’s milk comas and first Halloween highlights, non?  Yeah, I’m guessing no.

Then it dawned on me:  What is ultimately at the core of this here, blog? The learning. All the juicy, lightbulb, eye-opening tidbits of learning. Whereas I’ve largely played witness to the learning of my students, perhaps it’s now time to shine more of the spotlight on my own. After all, navigating the world of babies has already proven to be a very humbling experience.

So, introducing a twist on Pancakes – just for a little while.  Don’t worry, I promise it won’t all be swaddling and soothers…

I’ll be sure to sprinkle in some goodies on literacy amongst those Halloween highlights:)

(photo taken by Follett Design Co)

  1. Oh please indulge in some baby love – I will be a happy reader! Your parenting journey will inspire your teaching future and forever the two will be intertwined. Can’t wait for the introduction of that little one! Best, best, best. My two turned 11 today! Still haven’t recovered from the shock! October is a beautiful birthday month!

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