Lessons from Hercules

With one full week of being back in the classroom under my belt, things are beginning to fall into place.  It’s funny, I was gone for a term after teaching for twelve years and suddenly I found myself feeling rusty.  I got over that pretty quickly.  Being swallowed up in the tidal surge of a grade one classroom will do that to you.

Walking through my classroom doors partway through the school year this time, however, has thrown a big ol’ wrench in my groove.  Unable to chart my course from the start line of September, I now find myself wanting to play a whole lot of catch-up.  To prevent myself from trying to cram ten months of learning into six, I remind myself of the lessons learned from dear Hercules.

Who knew the gift of a hummingbird feeder would result in endless entertainment provided by this little guy?

I spend a lot of time watching him.  Like, A LOT.

I know the green of his back and the flash of red on his chin (surely birds have chins).  I know his favourite branch in the hydrangea bush on the side of our house, half a foot from our window.  I know the sound of his morse code-like chirping and I know he often likes to sit still between slurps and just take it all in.

Birdwatching, I know. Sounds riveting. Truly though, Hercules the Hummingbird has armed me with some helpful lessons, timed perfectly with my foray back into the classroom.  Here are just a few of them:

1.  There’s comfort in familiarity.

2.  Learning is trusting.  Trust others, trust yourself.

3.  Sometimes it’s fun to sing at the top of your lungs.

4.  Sloowww down.  If you’re too busy checking things off your list then you’ll miss all the fun stuff.

5.  Sugar makes everything better.

Lastly, in the juggling act of teaching, and in life, balance is everything. Sometimes it’s good to listen, to be quiet and watch the magic unfold all on its own.

Thanks, Herc.  If you need any help learning how to read, I’m your gal.

(images: Follett Design Co.)

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