The Beginning

And so it all began, but this time at a new school and in a new role. I was greeted on my very first day as Acting Vice Principal with this jaw-droppingly gorgeous bouquet of flowers waiting for me on the office counter.

Of course, I cried (making a stellar first impression at my new school, I’m sure).

They were from my very first school Principal, who hired me 12 years ago to teach my first grade one class.  She’s an amazing, classy, and well-respected lady.  Those flowers were at the same time, a warm hug and gentle push nudging me forwards.  I felt pretty lucky.

I’ve also been fortunate to have words of encouragement from my Principal at my other school, who has supported me in teaching grade one for the last several years.  He’s kind, fair, organized and probably knows me as a teacher better than anyone else.  FYI he could also totally play a school Principal in the movies because he truly has the presence of one – cool ties, and all.

Then there’s the Principal I’m working with right now:  passion, intelligence and energy are just a few of her traits that inspire me and I seriously have no clue where she packs it all because she’s tiny.  I’m particularly grateful for her patience because believe me, I have A LOT to learn.

Can you believe that in this same week, I heard news about the Principal I had waaaaaay back when I was in elementary school?  Oh, Mr. Holman. Chicken-fights-with-the-kids-on-the-playground-at-recess, Mr. Holman.  He was so, so fun. He knew everyone’s name and made us feel like he was our friend.  Turns out he’s still as free-spirited, as ever.

So as I try to make some sense of what I do and who I am in this role, I felt the love of all the administrators in my life who paid me a visit during that first week; reminding me of all that is best about them, best about this profession and quite frankly, the best that I want to bring out in myself.

And that was just week number one…

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