Wednesday Roll Call: Shazil

Meet Shazil.

He wants to be a rockstar when he grows up.  And a policeman.  I honestly have no doubt that he can’t do both; Shazil is a little sponge with one of those “steel trap” brains that soaks up everything around him.  If you have ever said anything – ever, to anyone, or did anything – on any given day, chances are Shazil will remember.  I have no clue why I bothered having him jot down a list of things we all need to remember to bring to our field trip to the beach today.  After hearing it once, he could probably recite it backwards and forwards, upside down with his eyes closed and his hands behind his back.  Sharp as a tack, that Shazil – and a pretty darn sweet, sensible, earnest little guy with an adorably scratchy voice to boot.  A total rockstar in my books.

Favourite colour: Red

Favourite song: “1, 2, 3, 4″

What does it mean to be smart? You’re a good thinker.

Favourite book: “James and the Giant Peach”

If you were the Prime Minister of Canada… I’d make toys real.

What will you first buy when you get a job? I’d take a look around and see how the job works first.

(P.S. Yay for sun!  We’re off to the beach today.  Last “Roll Call” and last day with the kids, tomorrow!)

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