Packing up

So here we are.

The last week of June.  The last week of school.  My time with another super-swell group of first graders is coming to an end.

We already said goodbye to our student teacher, Ms. Kang, last week:

This week there will be more goodbyes – to the Grade 7 class, to students who are moving, to staff who are leaving.  Aside from our final field trip to the beach on Wednesday, for the most part we’ll really just be hanging out as we tie up loose ends.  On a personal level, things will be buzzing on the home front as we finally get keys to our new house (YAY!) and therefore, prepare to move (ugh).

Anyways, as crazy as June always appears to be each and every year, this last week is always quite nice.  The skies are sunnier, the load is lighter and we get to reminisce and just enjoy one another as the year winds down.

Happy Monday, everyone.  Just 4 more days to go.


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