Friday Roll Call: Austin

Meet Austin.

That was his hair for “Crazy Hair Day” and those are his crazy-long eyelashes that are peeking out from under his brow.  That would be about as far as I’d go in using the word “crazy” to describe Austin.  Better words are thoughtful, mature, generous – he’s definitely an old soul, here in Room 105.  He’s the kind of little boy who lingers around after a class discussion to ask a few more questions; if someone doesn’t have a partner he’ll ask them to join him, AND he wears button-up shirts right to the top.  Austin is quietly in tune with life swirling around him and he approaches it with a genuine curiosity that is every teacher’s dream.

September 2011:

I like playing soccer with Oscar.

June 2012:

And THAT is why I love Grade One.

What do you like about Grade One? You get to be the “Special Helper”.

What do you think happens in Grade Two? Maybe you don’t need “inside shoes” anymore.

What about high school? I think you get to use phones.

What does it mean to be fair? Like, right, if everyone wants to go on the tire swing, you have to play “Ching, Chang, Push”.

What animal would you like for a pet? A puppy named Rex.

Have a great weekend.  (Four more days!!)

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