Wednesday Roll Call: Zinnia

Meet Zinnia.

She is everything the flower is that shares her name:  unique, lovely, bright, popular and resilient.  I first met Zinnia when she was in Kindergarten; she played “Alvin” in the performance of the well-known, “Alvin and the Chipmunks” Christmas Song.  I knew right then and there we had a little star on our hands – and I was right.  I got to watch Zinnia bloom ever so beautifully throughout Grade 1.  She’s as sweet as they come, she adores her family, and she always brings with her a fresh perspective.

Where do you want to visit? Hollywood

Favourite song: “Born This Way”

What do you think happens in Grade 2?  Grade 7? Hard math and super hard math.

What does it mean to be safe? You take good care of yourself.

What will you first buy when you get a job? An iPhone

What’s special about being a kid? You get lots of attention.

(Feb. 2012) In the summer, I am going to Parksville.  Have you been to Parksville?  I am going to share a condo with my friend Callum.  I am going to pool and the beach too… My cousins are going too.  I am going to stay for a whole week.  At night I go to the beach and eat marshmallows.

  1. janet says:

    So sweet. This reminds me what is important in the summer. Beach, marshmallows-got it. Thanks Zinnia!

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