Friday Roll Call: Tulita

Meet Tulita.

Have you ever known a six year old to be graceful? If not, then you haven’t met Miss Tulita.  With each step, each hair-tuck behind her ear, each smile, this little sweetheart oozes with a sort of light-on-her-feet, elegant sensibility.  She also happens to have a heart of gold and is adored by everyone else in the class.  Tulita likes to dance, she’s a budding writer and boy, she sure could teach us all a thing or two about rocking one’s own personal style. Leather bomber jacket and red cowboy boots, anyone?

What do you want to be when you grow up? A singer.  A really good singer.

Favourite recess snack: Pickles.

What do you think happens in high school? You become a crazy teenager.

Where do you want to visit? Las Vegas.

What do you dream of? (see below)

Happy weekend, everyone.

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