Friday Roll Call: Mica

Meet Mica.

There are many reasons why Mica is so well-liked by everyone. She’s smart, compassionate, and you can always count on her to add life to any lesson because her little hand will surely be up waiting patiently to say something interesting and wonderful.

And see those shoes?  In a world of velcro, shoelaces are a rarity in grade one but every day Mica tirelessly ties them with her steely determination. Did I mention she just had TEN teeth pulled over Spring Break? No biggie. As usual, she showed up to school with a big smile on her face.  (It just happened to be a tad toothless this time.)  She’s not just a smart cookie, she’s a tough one to boot.

Favourite recess snack: Strawberries

Favourite toy: Barbies

Favourite weekend activity: Play-dates with Talia

Where do you want to visit? Israel with my Dad. My family is there too.

Favourite song: Party Rockers

What do you think is so great about being a grown up? You get to have kids.

I was alone on the crackled beach.  One day I saw a boy who said, hello my name is Harry Potter and I want to be your boyfriend. I said, Oookkkaaayyy. So do you want to have a date right now? I said, sure.  So he pulled me to a restaurant and he gave me flowers and said will you marry me and I said, sure and and we got married and lived happily ever after.

Hope your weekend is of the happily ever after variety, too.

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