Eggscellent Ideas

It appears that Easter has totally and completely snuck up on me this year. One minute we’re signing Valentines and the next minute I’m shopping for chocolate eggs.  Crazy, I know. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that we just had Spring Break or that there was a strike, or that my student teacher (who is delightful, by the way) is taking over some of my teaching time.  Whatever the reason, there hasn’t been much time for pastel-coloured, Spring-ish, Easter craftin’.

It’s killing me though because my favourite sites are just brimming with such wonderful inspiration. If by some small miracle I can squeeze something in between now and tomorrow, I’ll surely hop to it.

Jordan Ferney is the Queen of all things crafty.  Her carrots are a cinch and they’re filled with sugary goodness.  Just how I like them.

Although the idea of blowing out and dyeing eggs with a class of first graders kiiiiiind of gives me heart palpitations, thanks to the fine folks over at Make and Takes – using puffy paint with hard-boiled eggs doesn’t seem so bad at all.

I just love the look of these eggs, too.  I could keep them all season long in a bowl on my kitchen table. Oh, and big thanks to my friend, Brooke for passing this idea along. Brent and I had fun making traditional Ukrainian eggs a few weeks ago, but these are such a lovely, simple and modern alternative.

Despite the fact that these may have to wait for another year, I assure you at the very least we’ll manage to find time to polish off some chocolate. Priorities, I tell you.

P.S. Easter, last year.

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