The Cultural Poster Project

Ack! I almost totally forgot to do a post on these AMAZING poster projects. It all started several weeks ago when we were casually all huddled around the globe, pointing out continents and countries, where we’ve been, where we dream to visit, and where we all originally come from.  A light bulb went off in my head and with the help of our Teacher Librarian, Ms. Eddy – we put together a really cool unit exploring our cultural identities.

The idea was to gather and synthesize information from a variety of sources: books, websites and the most valuable source of all – our families.  I was floored by their support.  In the end, we invited them in for a potluck celebration to view our finished posters and feast on some delicious homemade cultural cuisine.

Saying I’m proud is the biggest understatement ever.  I loved the pride these kids took in where they come from, I loved the fact that they now have a more global understanding of themselves and each other, and I loved that parents were our partners in their learning every step of the way.  Pretty powerful stuff.

Happy Friday, everyone.

  1. What a great project! It sounds like you found a way to honor everyone’s cultures, teach each other about other cultures, and involve families as well!:D

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