March Author Study: Oliver Jeffers

As delightful as Spring Break was, it certainly made March feel somewhat nonexistent this year.  Despite the abbreviated author study that also ensued as a result, Oliver Jeffers has made a huge and lasting impression on us.

His books are so artfully mastered; quiet little stories with very clear messages and pictures that are truly worth a thousand words.

March may almost be over, but I have a feeling these books won’t be put away any time soon.

(images: 1, 2, 3)

  1. Oliver Jeffers is our favourite go to author; although my one son is in grade 3, he constantly returns to Oliver J’s books and reads them over and over. Oliver Jeffers has a special place in our hearts because of how he tells his stories and his beautiful illustrations. We share the lasting impression with you!

  2. We’re obsessing over Oliver Jeffers lately too. My son just finished his first ever oral book report on Stuck.
    I also noticed in the last Uncommon Goods catalog that he’s selling his artwork.

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