Wednesday Roll Call: Jacob

Meet Jacob.

Aren’t his eyes beautiful?  It’s true – eyes really are the windows to your soul. I think here they encapsulate everything about Jacob’s beautiful spirit: he’s keen, earnest, enthusiastic, bright,  and never at a loss for words.


Never ever.

What’s your favourite thing to do on weekends?  You know, celebrate stuff… like go to hotels.

What do you think happens in Grade 7?  You get ready for college.

What does it mean to be smart?  Like when you concentrate.

What does it mean to be safe?  Taking care of yourself.

What does it mean to be fair?  Like when it’s your turn to stir and you want to stir but you should let them stir, too.

What will you buy when you get a job?  A pick-up truck.  It costs a LOT. Like three THOUSAND hundred dollars, even.

Who’s your favourite person?  Oooooh, that’s a hard one! Ok, ok, my sister.

Seriously, I’m having so much fun with Roll Call.  These brief interviews are giving me great glimpses into the hearts and minds of my little ones.

Still reeling from this one – I could barely keep up.  Thanks for keeping me on my toes, Jacob.

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