Roll Call

There is perhaps no better way to get a true “taste of first grade” than by getting to know the first graders themselves.  Cue a new weekly feature called, Roll Call.

After all, they are at the heart of every story, every lesson, every plan, every post, every conversation, every chuckle and every heart-melting moment… It’s high time we took a closer look at what makes these little dynamos so delightful, don’t you think?

Meet Ishani:

Favourite colour:  Purple

Favourite weekend activity:  Going to Grandma’s house.

What do you think will happen Grade 2?   You have to pay attention.

How about Grade 7?  You have to pay A LOT of attention.

The best part about being a kid:  Your Mom and Dad can carry you.

What if you were the Prime Minister of Canada?  I’d tell people to be safe, fair and kind and not riot like the Canucks’ one.

She likes “Tinkerbell Fairy” books, she rocks some seriously awesome hairstyles and her Barbie plane is her most favourite toy.  Much like the cupcakes Ishani brought to class for her birthday, she truly is sugar and spice and all things nice.

And there you have it.  Roll Call, week one.  Eighteen more, coming right up.

(Hope you had a lovely birthday, Ishani.)

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