Know Thyself

My perspective on how the kids are learning and their attitudes about school is one thing; their own thoughts is quite another.

Around this time of year, I always have the kids complete a little Self-Assessment to gain insight into their own thinking.  I explain that it not only helps me get to know them better (and the kids know themselves), but it ultimately gives me important information about their learning needs.  I try to frame questions that touch on a range of subject areas and in all cases, their answers are really thoughtful and honest.

The answers weren’t all glowing happy faces either – especially when it came to questions around Social Responsibility and Health and Nutrition. Positive or negative, they nonetheless opened doors to meaningful conversations.

P.S. What last year’s bunch had to say…

  1. I love this way of doing a self-assessment! The smiley, sad, and okay face are something kids can really understand.

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