January Author Study: Steve Jenkins

I’ve sung the praises of Steve Jenkins‘ books before so it’s no surprise that he’s our feature author for this month.

Kids, big and small are naturally drawn to nature and animals; Jenkins makes learning about them super engaging, fun, and just downright interesting.

Although we’ve been reading non-fiction books all year, this particular author study has allowed me to formally introduce the genre.  Words like label, caption, glossary, table of contents, index – they’re slowly creeping into our vernacular as Jenkins allows us to take a closer look at the text features specific to these kinds of books. Also, with riveting reads like Actual Size and Prehistoric Actual Size, they tie in beautifully with our math unit on measurement.

Needless to say, we’re all loving learning more about him and his books.  I had planned on scooping up more of his works this weekend but Ms. Eddy, our beloved Teacher Librarian, beat me to the punch.  She caught wind of things and has already added more of his books to our school library. Thanks, Ms. Eddy. You’re awesome.

Happy Friday, everyone.

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