Holly & Jolly

This is always a fun day. My little ones are performing their dance at our school Christmas Concert, we’ll bring in the stockings we lovingly stuffed for charity, and we get to spend the day singing carols, playing games and …

‘S’ is for Starboard

We embraced our inner Captains and had a wonderful time at the Vancouver Maritime Museum yesterday.  We learned about tugboats and even had a chance to build our own before going aboard the real RCMP vessel, the St. Roch. After lunch, …

Happy Birthday, Cathy

Wishing a very, very happy birthday to my one of a kind, chat everyday, known her forever, love her like a sister, heart of gold – friend.

Writing in Role

Personal journal writing comes quite naturally to little kids.  When it comes to Writer’s Workshop, their own experiences serve as a pretty natural platform for ideas. Going to the park, birthday parties, play dates, soccer games – all pretty standard fare. …


(Paloma’s Nest)

Merry and Bright

Creating artwork, listening to music and just reveling in the festive spirit, seem like a great way to spend the afternoons these days. All is calm.  All is well. Happy weekend. (Thanks, Joanna.)