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Friday Favourites

Learning about the “ten-ness” of numbers. Vintage super awesome, superhero comic book letters. And quite possibly the coolest invented spelling of the word “competition”, ever. Happy weekend. (image 3: ┬áThe Letteroom, via Handmade Charlotte)

Well, shiver me timbers

Did you know there are currently 1400+ trained tutors in the San Francisco Bay Area who are volunteering their time to help kids tell their stories? Let me explain. Two years ago on a trip to San Francisco, I stumbled …

Remembrance Day Assembly

It was beautiful. So were our two class readers who did a fabulous job reciting our collective sentiments on “peace”. All of the performances were incredibly moving – I managed to record one by Ms. Leahy’s K/1 class. ┬áHave a …


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In Flanders Fields the poppies blow… Between the crosses, row on row. Some of our thoughts on “peace”: – Peace is giving people what they need. ~Kirti – Peace is growing flowers. ~Raza – Peace is sharing your snack. ~Shazil …