The Patch

Is this one the same size as my head?

Those were the guidelines.  No bigger than your head and you should be fine carrying your pumpkin back to school.  I thought this was pretty clear until a little boy asked me if it could be heavier than his head, instead.

Uh, sure.  I think.

A gorgeous fall day.  Pumpkins as far as the eye could see, and friendly animals greeting us at every corner…

… including this little bunny and his broom.

Hay fight!

Corn maze, anyone?

A dance party for little people.

One of my little guys even lost a tooth courtesy of an especially crunchy-licious apple.

It really was the perfect day.

P.S.  We scored some great weather last year, too.

  1. liz says:

    what a great day! next week i go on my son’s pumpkin patch field trip. it’s our first and i’m so excited!!

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