These are so great.  Created by the fabulous Brooke Reynolds of Inchmark blog, I found all ten rules over at Dinner:  A Love Story.  Although these are her “Rules of Dinner”, most are certainly applicable to the classroom.

I know, this should go without saying, right?  Making it explicit though, and it suddenly becomes a clear and important expectation.

Legs of a chair, that is.

… and so is the classroom.

In efforts to establish a certain classroom climate, and with so much talk right now around our school code of conduct (Be Safe, Be Fair, Be Kind), I love the idea of really breaking down what that actually means.  I plan on doing this together with the kids to create “Ten Rules of our Classroom”. It will be interesting to see what they think is important.

How do you approach the issue of “Rules” in your home or classroom?

(images – Dinner:  A Love Story, via Babyccino Kids and Inchmark)

  1. I like these rules! They’re simple and positive. I have always used the rules, “Keep ourselves safe, keep each other safe, keep things safe, do good listening and use good manners.” Yours are kind of similar!

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