Close Encounters with the Wild

Yesterday, our school had the pleasure of watching a presentation put on by a group of wildlife conservationists called the Earth Rangers of Canada.  Not only did we learn more about the threatened habitats of the Monarch Butterfly, the Plains Bison, the Pine Marten and the Spotted Turtle – but we even got to see first-hand, LIVE – some very special guests…

Have you ever seen a Red-Tailed Hawk?  How about a Barn Owl or a Black/White Tegu named Dora?  We sure did.

While Dora rested in the arms of a presenter, those birds… they soared and swooped right over our heads.  Several times.  It was awesome.

Needless to say, the show gave us lots to talk and write about throughout the day.  For instance, one little guy was shocked to later discover that the little chunks of raw meat that were given to the birds as rewards, were in fact NOT strawberries.

And on a less impressive side note, an injured little bird found its way on my doorstep this morning. He just stood there and stared at me for like, 20 minutes.  After I called the appropriate authorities and fashioned a box complete with comfy rags and a sunroof even, he just flew away.  But not before totally freaking me out.

Animal show, bird on doorstep – all in the same day.  Pretty wild, indeed.


  1. So they didn’t bring along any of the vegan, strawberry-eating birds? :) That kid got his bubble burst a bit. Sounds like a great presentation!

  2. Fantastic Piece of writing

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