Counting Down

Back to… school.

It never fails.  When I start hearing those words (seriously, as early as July) I get crazy anxiety.  Not because I don’t love what I do – I most certainly do and in many respects, it’s such an awesome time of year…

BUT.  When you’ve been enjoying two months of spontaneous excursions, anytime naps, staying up and not waking up, and just leisurely meandering through each and every day, the thought of going back to work will definitely take some getting used to.

To help us all (parents, teachers and students) ease back and prepare for the new routine of going back to you-know-where, here’s an article I wrote last month for The Shorty List.

Enjoy the last few days, everyone.  It’s not over yet.

The ABC’s of Back to School Success

Picnics and popsicles are almost put away and just like that, a new school year is upon us.  It’s a time for new beginnings and new routines so here are a few tips to ensure that your little ones get off to a stellar start.

A is for an Active Approach:

Teaching and learning are very dynamic practices that require a sense of responsibility on the part of both student and teacher.  Simple everyday tasks can go a long way in cultivating an active and reciprocal attitude towards learning.  Tying shoelaces, zipping jackets, and cleaning up help foster independence, which in turn prepares little ones to take ownership of their own learning.

B is for Bedtime:

It seems obvious but the importance of sleep really can’t be stressed enough.  It has a tremendous impact on a child’s learning and development, and since the more “academic” subject areas are often addressed earlier in the day when students are fresh, many teachers suggest that little learners be in bed by at least 8:00.  Creating a “winding down” routine each night will help ensure that your child is getting adequate amounts of shuteye.

C is for Choosing the Right Books:

Although there are many factors that contribute to success in school, getting quality children’s literature into the hands of kids every single day is certainly one of the most critical.  Just like you, kids are selective readers so take into account text length, pictures that support the story, and exposure to different genres.  Whenever possible, allow for choice, too so little ones can read about what interests them.

The key to embracing rich learning experiences is laying a good foundation.  Enjoy this exciting time of transition, best wishes and happy new (school) year, to all.

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