It has taken a while for the dust to settle and for me to feel ready to look back on the past school year.  For starters, throwing  Pancakes, and a wedding into the mix has certainly made 2010/2011 a doozy of a year and one I will never forget.

Pancakes has been such a fun project and one that has made me really proud.   Not only has it added a really interesting dimension to my teaching practice but it’s also changed how I view my students and how they learn. It’s like being a fly on the wall and holding a mirror up to myself, all at the same time.

Most importantly though, my little blog has allowed me to tell stories – and really, everyday there are so many in a classroom and I thank the people (there aren’t many but there are some!) who care to share in what I love to do so much.

And to my beloved class of first graders:  You are such beautiful, intelligent, honest and hilarious little people.  Keep reading, come visit me lots and I look forward to hearing wonderful things about each and every one of you. You will always be so dear to my heart.

So having been married for officially 10 days now, I’m now off to a ridiculously gorgeous white sand beach resort in the Bahamas with 5-star everything, where I plan to rest, eat, relax… eat, sleep, read up a storm, eat…

That said, with school out for the summer, tastes of first grade will be kept at a minimum over the next couple of months.  I plan on keeping up with Sunday posts and I’ll try to pop in few additional ones when I’m inspired to do so.

In the meantime, kick up your feet, get lost in your backyard, look for ladybugs and have yourselves a wonderful, sun-drenched, lazy summer holiday.

  1. Happy honeymoon!

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