Author Visit: Bob Heidbreder

Now that my first graders understand the nuts and bolts around reading and writing, it’s a great time to start playing with language and experimenting with poetry. Did you know April is National Poetry Month? (I just found that now.  At the end of April.)

Anyways, our class has been chatting a lot about how poems often have repetition and rhythm and how they certainly don’t have to rhyme.  We start every day by reading one together and the kids always seem to enjoy sitting back and listening to me read random ones aloud. So when we received a visit from published poet and former teacher, Bob Heidbreder – we were pretty thrilled.

Bob had the kids reading along, moving to the beat and laughing out loud.  It was like a stand up show for little people.  Seriously, they were in stitches.  I was laughing at them laughing.

All in all, we relished listening to poetry, learned more about the craft, and got to see the face behind the books.

It was a good day, I would say.

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