(And I’m not just talking about that amazing game last night.)

So I’ve gone from being sick, to being sick and voiceless.  Seeing as I can’t very well get through the day miming lessons, I figure it’s best to keep my sorry self on the couch with multiple cups of tea and stay far, far away from my classroom – hence, the perfect opportunity to dig up one of my favourite design finds.

Brighten up a room and highlight letter learning with these letter lights from Brooklyn artist, Amy Adams.  Hang one or cluster them up to spell a word. They’re modern, clean and prove once again that cool kids’ stuff doesn’t have to involve dancing crayons and laughing apples.

Better stop there before I start wishing for these to replace the fluorescent track lighting in my classroom.  A girl can dream…

(Or in this case, just be sick, voiceless and delirious.)

Hope you’re all healthy.

(via Swiss Miss)

  1. janet says:

    get better soon friend!

  2. Holly says:

    Okay, that light is pretty darn cool! Feel better! We’re sick over here as well. :(

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