Chin Up

Despite the fact that I’m so sick that my hair hurts, and that I can’t believe we’re already looking ahead to next year (my supply order is due), and that the Canucks are now facing a a do-or-die Game 7 situation – there actually is still plenty for which I am grateful…

1.  The magnolias are blooming in my front yard.
2.  By the end of the week, we will have completed 1/4 of our Marafun and we have yet to return after a run with 71 rain-soaked first graders.
3.  The Mayor of our fine city actually considered coming to our Marafun celebration if we would change the date.  (Not going to happen, but still pretty cool.)
4.  My friends Andrew and Marijana celebrated Easter by welcoming their baby boy, Lucas into the world.
5.  There’s still hope that Kesler, the Sedins, Bieksa and the bunch can pull off the win.

And now for more Nyquil.

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