Feeling Hoppy

I can’t wait to try this with my class today.  I found it over at Made By Joel and  I thought it would be a neat little holiday activity to do with our 7th grade big buddies.

(He always comes up with just the coolest stuff.  Remember our owl mobiles?  All him.)

I love that these “tumble bunnies” don’t require obscure art supplies or days on end for completion.  Simply cut out, fold and tape the template, and then pop a couple of marbles inside.  Watch the fun unfold as your floppy friend hippity-hops down a slope of your making.

Easy – peasy.

Hope you find something super fun to do, too on this long weekend.  I’ll be slicing up an abandoned telephone pole for my wedding centerpieces.  (I know, speaking of marbles – I’ve clearly lost mine.)  Oh, and I hope to read more of Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell. Have you read it?  It’s fascinating.

Have a wonderful Easter, everyone.

(Image: Made By Joel)

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