It’s term three and we’ve hit the ground running.  Literally.

Inspired by the Vancouver International Marathon, all 71 first graders will be running a marathon of our own.  Their little legs will be running the 42.2 km over the next three months, slowly building their mileage until race day on June 16th when we’ll run the final 2 km.

We had a mini pep rally to mark the start of our training.  After viewing footage from last year’s Vancouver Marathon, Mr. Murphy (an avid runner) gave us some training tips and even showed us a finishing shirt and his many medals from past races.  I showed off my race bib (referred to as a “license” by one little fellow) from a run last summer in San Francisco.  To cap things off, our special guests, the organizers from the actual Vancouver Marathon, led us around the big field for our first official run – in the pouring rain. Welcome baaaack.

No one said training was going to be easy.

.6 km down, only 41.6 km to go.

  1. this is AWESOME!! xo

  2. Marielle says:

    Good idea to get the students active, with a great goal, and out in the fresh air!

    Hopefully they will take up running some day because of your inspiration!

  3. Neetu says:

    Marafun! i love it…i love this idea…you are totally changing their lives! Amazing.

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