Mutterings for Your Monday

-My parents are away in India.  I wish I was able to go with them.

-This is a popular time of year for many students in our school to travel there.

-I made a “Tortellini Gratinata with Mushrooms and a Parsnip Bechamél” on the weekend.  Sounds fancier than it actually tasted. I’m just pleased that it was edible.

-The last time I was in India I was eight years old. Before that I was just six months.

-I look like an “Ewok” in that first picture.

-My brother was a little tyke when he first went too.  That’s him with my Grandpa in the second picture, basking in the sun together.

-I have fancy-sounding leftovers.  Lunch won’t be boring today.

-Teacher hat on:  It’s my job to caution families against traveling for lengthy periods of time where children miss significant amounts of school.

-Teacher hat off:  Getting to know where you originally come from is so tremendously good for your soul.  The experiences one has when traveling are truly priceless.

-Next time I’m going with you, Mom and Dad.

-Hurry home.  Leftovers don’t last forever.

Have a fantastic week, everyone. xx

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