Occupation, Please

Do you get to eat lunch?  Do you get days off? Do you want to stay in school?

We’re studying occupations in our school and wider community.  Clearly my kids think our dear Principal has it rough.

For our Vice-Principal:  Do you have pets?  Do you have chiljrens?  Is your house far away?

Not much to do with the occupation per se, but some curiosities nonetheless.

I really like using yellow sticky notes to record our thinking.  The permanency of sharpies helps shake off any worries about spelling words correctly so we get to focus on the sole task of brainstorming.  We’ll be inviting our Principal, Vice-Principal along with the Teacher Librarian, Secretary and Supervision Aides to come in and answer our questions in person.

We’re lucky enough to even have a parent come in next week to talk about being an Environmental Scientist. Whoa.  I may just have to add a yellow sticky or two of my own.

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