Monday Morning Mutterings


-I promise this won’t morph into a wedding blog.

-I’m going to attempt to bake cupcakes today. From scratch, right from the box.  I was going to bake cookies but I remember all too clearly what happened last time.

-Valentine’s Day does that; it makes you do warm and homemade-y things.

-I made my own cards this year for my students, too.

-I love watching the wheels of love turn for first graders.  There are no raging hormornes, just pure, inexplicable feelings of adoration for one over another.  It’s the most beautiful thing.

-What flavour is pink icing?  Strawberry?  Bubble gum?  How does one make pink icing?  How does one make icing?  Pass.

-You know what’s not pink?  My dress.  I think I found it.  And it was the first one I tried on.

-Nope. No wedding blog here.  Just sayin’.

Have a wonderful week, everyone. xx

(Image:  Sweetapolita)

  1. peggy says:

    a very happy valentines day to you…
    pink icing: buy the ready to spoon on stuff and go for ballerina pink!
    love from amsterdam

  2. Km says:

    What a beautiful heart day post… Pretty photo and such gorgeous wordS—- I love your “wheels of love” thought!!

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