I can see how the “Hallmark-ness” of February 14th and the pressure of spending money to show affection has soured Valentine’s Day for some.  The over priced flowers, fancy bonbons and set menu dinners in a way, have become synonymous with Valentine cheese. Many people I know eye roll at the thought of engaging in such contrived behaviour. Dare I even say, Valentine’s Day is cusping on the uncool.

Cut to Room 105 and it’s a much different scene.  We’re clamouring to get at our little Valentine mailbags so that we can deliver some heartfelt and handmade messages of love and friendship.  We sit in a circle together and then open them carefully, reading every word and saying, “thank you”.  We hold hands, recite poetry, wear red, and savour sweet cupcakes.

No eye roll here.  I for one, really like Valentine’s Day.  I like this Valentine’s Day.

Happy weekend, everyone.

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