The Sweetest Thing Ever

Introducing the “Birthday Wish Book”.  No more birthday stickers, pencils, crowns or special badges.  Each child receives a page to draw and write a meaningful message.  At the end of the day, the birthday boy or girl gets to take all the special messages home in the form of a class book.

Coming across this sweet little note, sent from sweet little Meena, for sweet little Kyle, reminds me that even after my physically and mentally exhausting weekend, I still look forward to going to work and seeing their bright faces.  I really do. Witnessing the beauty that pours uncensored out of their hearts on a daily basis is what makes my job so darn awesome.

Even on a Monday.

Have a great week, everyone.  Here’s wishing lots of love going to your hearts too.

  1. janet says:

    Hearts with arrows. couldn’t. be. lovelier.

  2. JillJ says:

    Arlo got one of those a month ago — best present ever!

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