Monday Morning Mutterings

Wasn’t my Dad handsome?  I came across this old photograph and it’s prompted a flurry of mutterings.  Thank you to this lovely for showing me how it’s done.  (My dad still is handsome, by the way – even with a tad less hair on his head.)

-I wish people dressed up more.  My Dad would wear a tie to the corner store.  I’m lucky if I can put on socks.

-I wish I was the girl who wore fancy hats.

-Totally random kids next to my Dad. No clue who they are.

-I don’t like being so scheduled.  My work week is run by bells so I prefer making my weekend all about options.

-Everyone says I look like my Dad.  I used to think it was weird because I’m a girl.  Now I think it’s pretty cool because he has really nice eyes.

-Here’s an option:  What shade of yellow do we paint the kitchen – butter or bicycle?

-Trying to think of some cool Chinese New Year activities…

-You know how people say that women end up with someone who resembles their Dad in some way?  I think it’s true.

-That was a doozy of an option.  I think I chose well.

Have a wonderful week, everyone.

  1. i love your blog… sooo charming… happy to have found you
    sincerely, xx pam

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