Snow Globes

Do you know what’s strange? ┬áThe fact that we talk and read books about winter, yet looking out our window – there’s not a snowflake in sight. ┬áSince we don’t live in the Arctic (or even back east), one can only dream.

And make snow globes.

Thanks, Jacqueline for sharing the awesome idea.

  1. janet says:

    These are awesome! I am so impressed with the details in your kids art.

  2. Jenny says:

    These are just fabulous! I totally want to try these with my first graders.

    I couldn’t find any details at the link you shared (although I am loving that blog now and am likely to be completely addicted). Do you have any tips on doing these?

  3. Hi! I’ve just found your via No Time For Flashcards and I’m so glad I did! I love all these snow globes, and the squiggle idea is great – perfect for a group of children. I wondered if you might like to join our Play Academy idea swap on Fridays – you would be very welcome. Cathy :)

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