Snow Sham

And then there is the snow that begins to fall in fat, cheerful flakes while you are somewhere you’d rather not be.

Maybe school.

Maybe work.

Do you know what makes the idea of hauling our turkey-stuffed selves back into work, a bit more tolerable?

The promise of snow.

Well, the forecasters promised up and down that flakes would start falling in the afternoon, but all those predictions only accumulated to a bunch of balderdash.


We read this book by Cynthia Rylant to welcome the first, brave snowflakes and we all really enjoyed it.  Driving may not be so fun but I think there are few things as peaceful and pretty as a snowfall.  You should read this book if you think so, too.

And while the snow is here this brief moment, let us take a walk and see how beautiful the world is…

… and then come back to our white, quiet homes and make something warm to drink and maybe read or play a game or tell each other all that we’ve been thinking.

Come on winter, show us what you got.

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