Back at it (sort of)

The presents have been opened, eggnog is no more, and sleep-ins are suddenly a distant memory.

The holidays were really nice.  So nice in fact, that it makes coming back into work really hard.  By some small miracle, I mustered up the strength to go in once over the break to un-December the classroom.  This involved putting away the lights, the pictures, the books, and tidying up the stray remnants of curled ribbon.  It’s not my favourite thing to do by any means, because after boxing up all the fun, all you’re really left with is cold weather, and the prospect of driving to and from work in the dark.

That said, seeing as it’s a new year and I should probably see things in a glass-full kind of way, I must say it’s also one of the most juiciest times of the school year for learning.  We waste no time establishing routines so we dive right back in and sink our teeth into the curriculum.  The children are really ready for this too.  A lot happens in the two weeks their away.  For one thing, they grow.  Developmentally, the “light bulb” goes on for many of them at this point in the year and undoubtedly, several will return and shock me with the dramatic gains they have made in their reading and writing.  It’s very cool.

So cold weather and all, here’s to a new year of growth and good stories.  It truly is what makes my job such a dream.

Now let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work, shall we?

  1. Fatima says:

    Won’t be long until it’s time to get seeds started for the garden… :)
    The seeds you are planting right now are precious, too! Your post makes me miss teaching.

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