The Gift

The day started out with such promise.  I had read the perfect story, utensils were at the ready, aprons were tied, and I had finally found an easy, allergy-free cookie recipe without eggs and peanuts (and kiwi – as per the request of one of the girls).

Usually – unless it involves toast, cereal or hotdogs – I’m out of my league once I step foot in the kitchen, so why I decided to bake with the kids, I’ll never know.  We were actually having a grand ol’ time with Tony Bennett serenading us with holiday classics, as we talked about ingredients, sequenced the steps, and licked our fingers.  All was calm. All was well.

Then, with much anticipation, kids bursting with excitement, we took the trays out of the oven…

The cookies had morphed into one melty, brown river of sticky, buttery goop.  Even a few desperate sprinkles of icing sugar couldn’t mask this megaflop.  It was a disaster.

I have crazy teacher will-power; I never have the urge to swear in school, I can keep a straight face when someone passes gas (most of the time), and I can hold my breath and keep my composure when someone pukes on the carpet.

Today, however – I wanted to cry.

I just really like my class and I wanted to do something special and different from the usual reading and writing blah blah blah.  They were SO excited and I feel like I failed them.

With me on the verge of some serious waterworks, do you know what my kids said?

That’s ok.  You tried your best.  Let’s try another time, like in January.
Can we taste a bit? This is delicious! Can we take some home?
Thank you, Ms. Sumra!

Now I was REALLY about to bawl.  These kind, compassionate, little kids didn’t seem to mind one bit.

I’m not a Grinch by any means, but here came my “dah who dorays, fah who forays” moment with the wise words of Dr. Suess suddenly ringing loud and clear: “Maybe Christmas… perhaps… means a little bit more.”

Thank you little ones for reminding me of that.

Happy holidays, everyone.  Wishing you and yours the very, very best.

(Note to self:  Pancake mix and all-purpose flour should never be housed on the same shelf.  They really do look the same.)

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