A Christmas Mystery

Whoawhoawhoa. WHOA.

Ok, all I know is that a little guy in my class was called down to the office to pick up a special delivery and the next thing I know, he comes back to class with an “Elf Telegram” in his hand and renewed hope in his heart.

Funny how no one seemed to know anything about how the neat little scroll with a lovely green bow, ended up on the office counter… There was talk of a sudden flash of green, and the sound of a jolly jingle, but like I said – no one knows for sure.

Our jaws hit the floor pretty fast when we discovered that the telegram was in reply to a very earnest and heartfelt letter to Santa written by this little boy.

Baffled by the whole ordeal, one of my little girls was quick to put up a sign in case the big guy, himself decided to make an appearance next time:

Dear Santa, I am wondering if that was really your elves.  If it was, you freaked me out.

With just four more days until the Winter break, who knows what other holiday freak-outs will be heading our way…

(Seriously though, isn’t it nice to know that the North Pole still prefers telegrams to text messages?)

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