November Author Study: Charlotte Zolotow

I’m really enjoying doing monthly author studies.  I’ve never featured authors in such an organized and sequential fashion before and I’m really noticing the difference in how my students engage with books.  Not only can they come to recognize a specific author’s works, but they become pretty adept at discussing the craft of writing itself.  Very cool. Also, learning more about an author enables us to put a face behind the story – humanizing those hard covers of a book and enabling us to have deeper conversations around his/her message.

November saw us taking a closer look at Charlotte Zolotow.  We learned that books don’t have to have nail biting adventure or perplexing problems to be an enjoyable read.  Her books are sweet and simple little stories that are praised for capturing the essence of what it’s like to be a child.

At age 95, and after writing over 90 books, we reckon Charlotte Zolotow still remembers.

  1. Jenny says:

    My daughter’s second grade class just finished an author study of Charlotte Zolotow. I was thrilled to hear they were studying her books because I love them and I don’t think they get used nearly enough in classrooms (including by me, sadly). Your pushing my thinking about author studies too, thanks.

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