You are what you eat

Let’s be honest:  If that premise was true, I’d be equal parts burger, potato chip and macaroni & cheese.

I love food.  A lot.  Ironically, I can barely heat up a frozen pizza (not kidding, I once put it in the oven and forgot to remove the cardboard liner), but I’m always thinking about my next meal or new restaurant to check out. Unfortunately, too often the delectable delights of my choosing wreak havoc on my body, I’m sure.  To say the least, my diet is… not great.

So, although I’m being a hypocrite to the tenth degree by preaching about the importance of good nutrition and healthy snacks vs sometimes treats – I think our unit on “Healthy Living” is as much for my benefit as it is for my students’.

The other day we discussed the four food groups and “eating the rainbow”. The kids seemed pretty interested and well versed in spewing out the names of foods they should be eating.  I repeat, should be eating.

Right on cue, by some small miracle, a delivery of fresh concerto tomatoes were brought to our classroom.  (Our school is a part of the BC Fruit & Vegetable Program so we get to sample fresh produce every few weeks).

Students were talking the talk all afternoon, but after the arrival of these red beauties, voices mysteriously fell silent.

After I courageously tried the first one and sang a lie about how “absolutely delicious” they were, everyone else was encouraged to follow my lead and do the same.  Several kids liked them, but for the others… the squinty, tortured faces said it all.

I don’t blame them.  If you are what you eat, then for some of us – tomato just isn’t our colour.

  1. Fatima says:

    Oh, oh! You must check out my latest post. It goes great with what you are studying.
    Good for you, trying a tomato in front of your class. I had to pet a snake once in order to be a good example… Eewww. I know how you feel. Really, I do. I hate snakes. I do, however, love tomatoes. :)

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