A little fall of snow

The first magical snowflakes fell in Vancouver several days ago, accumulating to a measly few centimeters.  Since then, the temperatures have plummeted and it has turned into a scarce and icy affair – not very ideal for frolicking, at all.

It doesn’t matter to my little ones, though – snow is snow.  They’re out at recess and lunchtime carving out snow sculptures and making crunchy snow angels.  They return rosy-cheeked, red-nosed, and totally thrilled to bits.

If a weensy bit of hard, icy snow creates this much fun, I can’t wait to see them officially lose their minds when it really starts to comes down.

With news of more snow in the forecast and our gaze permanently fixed out the window, we saw the first brave snowflakes begin to fall yesterday afternoon…

This is going to be good.

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