Reporting for Garbage Duty

It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it.  And if you happen to love it, well then surely you must be in first grade.

Our class is assigned the trashy task just a few times a year and I must say, only in first grade are you REALLY excited about it and ask time and time again when we get to have the chance to tidy up our beloved school.  We’re supposed to be going out a few times throughout the week; however, we finally got around to doing it on Friday.  After much discussion (what is safe to pick up and what is not), and organization (we can’t all be bucket holders or tong carriers), we rolled up our sleeves, plugged our noses and headed outside.

I kid you not, smiley-faced first graders skipped along the school grounds, chanting merrily as they picked up even the most microscopic pieces of garbage.  Oh, and leave it to first graders to turn it into a adventure and discover a “jewel” among the heaps of trash:

Oooh, a feather – it’s like an owl feather! An OWL FEATHER!! (Everyone races over.) Wooooowwwwwww. It’s so soft. You’re so lucky!

I respond with, “Hmmm, it just might be. Great find!” followed by “now go wash your hands”. I’m all for adventures but owl or not, who knows where that feather has been!

(P.S. Notice the t-shirt?  The robots are coming. Oh, little boys.)

  1. I swear–I once thanked one of my kids for picking up some trash in the boys’ bathroom, and now every day he dives for even the tiniest pieces of paper towel corners to throw away! I love that the owl-feather-finder was the luckiest kid ever, according to the rest of the class :)

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