Professional Development at the MOA

It was Monday morning and there were no bells to be heard and no children in sight.  It was our school’s first professional development day so while the kids enjoyed a three day weekend, the staff headed out to my old stomping ground, the University of British Columbia.  We toured the Museum of Anthropology and learned more about the school programs that are offered there.

The morning was spent wandering aimlessly through galleries, gazing at the grandeur of totem poles and tilting our heads as we attempted to comprehend the significance of so many incredible historical artifacts.  We also traversed the grounds around the Haida Longhouse and the new reflecting pool.  With the company of a light mist of rain, being outdoors here made for a very west coast experience.  It was an absolute treat.

Did you know an image of Bill Reid’s, The Raven and The First Men is on the Canadian twenty-dollar bill?  Or that every museum has a signature chair? Ever stop to think about the difference between, university, diversity and multiversity?

How nice to be able to take off my teacher hat and be a student for the day.

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