Burlap Bulletin Boards

I wanted an alternative to corrugated paper for the bulletin boards outside my classroom, so when my dear neighbour-kindergarten teacher-friend, Sheri thought of using burlap, we jumped on the idea and even found some coloured burlap for the borders. Mine is yellow, hers is red and we both share a blue one titled, “we heart art”.

Covering these three boards was quite the job so Sheri and I take every opportunity to show off our adjoining works of art (even when they weren’t showcasing any art, per se).

Our class’ current exhibit on the BBB (burlap bulletin board!) is composed of little books on autumn made from paper bags. I liked the natural aesthetic of the bags and the kiddies really enjoyed working with a different medium. Some even slipped a secret message inside the paper bag as a surprise.  I can’t show you that, otherwise it wouldn’t be a surprise.

Don’t you think this picture has an adorable, Charlie Brown quality?  I like to blow lots of leaves with my friends.

Sometimes only stick people will do:  In fall I can hide in the leaves when I go to school.

Thanks, Kyle and Kamal!

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