Wake Me Up When September Ends

Green Day was on to something.

Sure, my class is delightful and the school year seems like it’s off to a good start but man, I’m tuckered out.  September is rough.

I long to get into the meat of teaching and not have to spend what seems like forever on establishing routines.  Right now it’s all about, this is how we walk together in the hallway, don’t forget to change into your inside shoes, healthy snacks please, those are your outside shoes, starting home reading, arranging library days, no it’s not home time yet, meet your grade 7 buddies, tracking down notices, memorizing who gets picked up by whom, building classroom community…. and it goes on.

Today it was the time it took to get ready for lunch that had me wishing for a nanosecond that I taught big kids. It’d be nice if I could just send them out the door but I can’t; there’s hand washing, making sure jackets are zipped and laces are tied, arranging for someone to take the lunch bin down to the lunchroom (and to remember to bring it back), opening lids, and hunting down misplaced lunches or lone straws.

I know investing time in the day-to-day management of the classroom now will pay off, and eventually things will run like clockwork, but I wish I was already there so I could roll up my sleeves and really get going with the business of teaching these kids how to read.

Plus, for some strange reason September always has me feeling like I’ve never taught before. A new year, a new class – different kids, different challenges. I come home and my energy is thoroughly and completely sucked. The fact that I’m also trying to get Kitestrings off the ground, hasn’t exactly helped in making me feel fresh as a daisy when I wake up in the morning either.

I know things will be running like a well oiled machine soon enough.  I’m just a bit low on gas.  This weekend, I think I’ll stay parked under my covers.

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