A Colourful Community of Learners

I have a really nice class. Like a REALLY nice class. I keep looking around, waiting for someone to say there’s been a mistake.  I sort of don’t believe it because I tell you – every year, I end up with the most challenging class ever.

Some say my optimism is premature.  I know, I know, there’s always a honeymoon period.  ”Just you wait,” they say.

I refuse to believe it.  I’m counting my lucky stars, instead.

Here’s some name art that we did on our first full day together, inspired by the works of Paul Klee.  (I found it here.)  We spent the afternoon listening to classical music and colouring the interesting shapes we found in our names.  It was lovely.

Honeymoon period, shmeriod.  Here’s to a year with some colour.

  1. cul says:

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