Goodbye and Hello

These pre-sharpened pencils were the second thing to make me happy today. The first was that I finally got my new crop of first graders.

It’s been nice spending time with my class from last year but it felt good to send them off to their new classes. These past few days together confirmed for me that I’m just not a grade two teacher. The kids are very different in second grade. In a matter of months, it’s as if some of their sweet innocence gets lost amid a newfound self-awareness.

Allow me to illustrate this point:  One of my kids from last year (going into second grade) wasn’t feeling so well and just as he was about to be sick, he put his hand over his mouth, strolled over to the garbage can, vomited, got a drink of water and then sat back down in his chair. It was all very civilized. I think he somehow even got out an, “Excuse me” as he b-lined it for the receptacle. Had it been a first grader, there would have been vomit on the carpet, the desk, the other kids, AND my shoes – without warning.

I don’t prefer the vomit, but I do prefer the uninhibited honesty.  First graders can have paint on their face, have hair sticking up, be wearing their pants backwards and just not care.  I kind of admire that.

A warm welcome to my new flock – once again.

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